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AlcaPure Edition Zero Installation Purifier Alkaline Post Filter

AlcaPure Edition Zero Installation Purifier Alkaline Post Filter

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Replacement Cartridges Return Policy

Replacement filter cartridges with open or missing factory-sealed packaging cannot be returned. Please ensure you have the right cartridge before unsealing the product. Learn more about our return policy.

Alkaline post-filter replacement for Zero Installation Purifier Countertop Reverse Osmosis System.

Note: This filter is also included with the annual filter change bundle.

Size: 2 x 10

Fourth Stage Filtration - Must have post filter for any Reverse Osmosis Filtration System. Returns beneficial minerals to water- Calcium and Magnesium. Increases Ph to an alkaline level. No more worries about the Corrosive effects of RO Water. It contains 40% Carbon to remove any remaining impurities.

Quick connect fittings built-in for effortless installation.

Note: If converting from OnliPure Edition to AlcaPure Edition by using this post-filter, then smaller attachment clips are required.
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