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About Us


RKIN Water Technology Brand
Puricom Water Industrial Corporation was established in Taiwan in 1989. Matthew Barta has been a consultant for Puricom since 1998.

As a Water Quality Association, Certified Water Specialist (CWS-VI; Highest level) Matthew has helped with the development of water filtration systems around the world in challenging areas such as Africa, India, South East Asia and others. As a missionary in Taiwan, with three children working with humanitarian aid projects in Africa, Matthew has also helped coordinate water filtration projects with the Liberian government and various NGOs.

In 2006 Matthew met with Eric Kurbanov, an aspiring young entrepreneur who saw the limitations of RO systems needing to be installed. Wanting to develop an RO system that anyone could benefit from, not just homeowners who needed to install the system in their home, Eric, Matthew, and Puricom designed and engineered the Zero Installation Purifier and established PuricomUSA in the US.

As a biology major, Matthew places great emphasis on nutrition and healthy living. Matthew is an avid triathlon fan, and at 57 years old, still competes in international triathlons every year.

Matthew has been a guest speaker at the “Water Quality Association’s”, “Aquatech USA” trade expositions, giving seminars comparing RO systems worldwide, and showing “How to Overcome the Installation Barrier.” Matthew has also written for the “Water Conditioning and Purification” Magazine.

For us Zero Installation Purifier is not just a water filter. It is an essential companion for a long healthy life.

We always welcome your questions and hope to make your water experience as enjoyable as possible.

In August of 2019, PuricomUSA rebrands as RKIN to enter the whole house water treatment and air purifier market. By launching high-quality products such as OnliSoft Pro Whole House Water Treatment System and the RKIN® Air Purifiers, RKIN is keeping its tradition of bringing reliable state of the art water and air filtration systems to families across North America.