Zero Installation Purifier User Guide

Zero Installation Purifier user guide

Please watch the videos below for detailed information on use and maintenance of Zero Installation Purifier countertop water filter.

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Zero Installation Purifier first use and initial set up

Do rinse the filters by discarding first two batches of filtered water.  

Don't reuse the high concentrate water remaining in the supply pitcher. Discard the left over water before refilling the bottom supply pitcher.  

How to change Zero Installation Purifier filters

Replace pre-filters FT-82 and FT-92 one at a time, so you don't have to remember the exact location for each one.  

Reset filter change indicator(blinking red light) by pressing and holding “push" button for 5 seconds.  

Note: Solid red light indicator can be reset by unplugging the power supply from the back of the Zero Installation Purifier and plugging it back in while pressing and holding “push button”.  

Rinse the filters by discarding first two batches of filtered water.  


Replacing post filter with new quick connect design for the first time

Replacing the post filter used to be the hardest part of Zero Installation Purifier filter changes because it involved unscrewing the post filter connections.  

Starting January 2018, all the post filters come with quick connect fittings build-in eliminating the additional step and making the filter changes even easier.  

All Zero Installation Purifier models are fully compatible with new style post filter connections.