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RKIN April 2020 Zero Installation Purifier Giveaway

This April, TWO lucky email subscribers who joined this giveaway will win the most popular countertop reverse osmosis system in the market, AlcaPure™ Zero Installation Purifier - $429.95 Value

  • Transforms ordinary tap water into pure, healthy, and delicious drinking water.
  • Removes up to 99% of all contaminants: Fluoride, Chlorine, Heavy Metals & others. 
  • Alkaline pH.
  • No Installation or assembly required. 
  • BPA Free.
  • NSF/ANSI 58 Certified Reverse Osmosis Membrane.
  • Perfect for apartments, condos & RV’s.

Here is a recent comment on Facebook regarding the Zero Installation Purifier: 

(If like us, you did not know what the word 'boon' meant, we've looked up the definition for you, boon: a timely benefit: BLESSING.)

To join the giveaway and increase your chances of winning please enter your email address below. We will announce a lucky prize winner on April 26.

Good luck!

If you don't want to wait until the drawing to see if you are the winner, you can get your own Zero Installation Purifier right now for the lowest price ever and with financing options available.

Also, please comment below and let us know why you are the ideal winner of the AlcaPure Zero Installation Purifier!

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Best drink at my house used to be my water; would like for it to be that good again.

Karen Wilson

Today is my birthday, just turned 60, and your water purification system would be a huge blessing from the Heavens above in my life right now due to the lockdown in California. For 30 years now, I’ve been shopping at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op in Northern California & taking my 9 gallons of empty jugs/bottles to fill up with delicious healthy water each week from their watershed. Two days ago, I was told that I could no longer fill up my water jugs due to the New Sacramento County Covid-19 Health Regulations. So, I would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway at a challenging time like now. Thank you in advance for your consideration! With much gratitude, Robin Hope

Robin Hope

Certainly a great product!

Olga Galarza

I have been wanting this for my family for so long!

maria gentry

I would be the the ideal winner of the AlcaPure Zero Installation Purifier because I live in a rural town and the water is terrible (has gross floaty film on it). This countertop reverse osmosis system would be great to win, as it would make life easier that I wouldn’t have to repeatedly go buy my filtered water by the big (heavy) 5 gallon jugs and buying water costs add up. This countertop reverse osmosis system looks like something I would really like to have, and be able to drink good cold delicious clean filtered water anytime, and from the luxury of my own tap at home.

Maxine Turner

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