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Flash Undersink Reverse Osmosis System Replacement Filters Kit

Flash Undersink Reverse Osmosis System Replacement Filters Kit

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Replacement Cartridges Return Policy

Replacement filter cartridges with open or missing factory-sealed packaging cannot be returned. Please ensure you have the right cartridge before unsealing the product. Learn more about our return policy.

Recommended replacement every 12 months:

    5-micron Prefilter removes Sediment, Rust, and other large particles.
    Carbon Block Filter removes Chlorine and other Disinfection by-products.
    • Option for a third stage filtration Anti-Scale Carbon Prefilter. Use this option only when experiencing a short reverse osmosis membrane lifespan (under 2 years).   
    • AlcaPure ALKALINE POST FILTER. Polishing Alkaline Post Filter returns beneficial minerals – Calcium and Magnesium to purified water for the best taste. It also increases the alkalinity of the water to a healthy level of 7-8 pH.
    • Or OnliPure ION EXCHANGE POST FILTER. Polishing OnliPure Post Filter reduces any leftover contaminants after the Reverse Osmosis process to zero TDS. Depending on local water quality and usage the OnliPure post filter might need to be replaced sooner to maintain 0 TDS.

Note: Third Stage Purification - 75 Gallon Per Day Reverse Osmosis Membrane is NOT included with this bundle. This element needs to be replaced only every 2-4 years, or as-needed. If the reverse osmosis membrane is getting clogged due to high levels of hardness present in the water, please use the bundle option with an Anti-Scale Carbon prefilter.

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