Collection: FlashRO Consumables and Replacement Cartridges

Your water quality may affect the longevity and replacement frequency of the filters.

First Stage Filtration - 5 Micron Filter. MPN: RC-FT-82. Replace every 12 months or as needed.

Second and Third Stage Filtration - Carbon Block Filter. MPN: RC-FT-92. Replace every 12 months or as needed.

Fourth Stage Purification - 75 Gallon Per Day RO Membrane. MPN: ZIPM75. Replace every 24 months or as needed.
Hardness over 10 gpg (171 mg/L) may reduce the lifespan of the RO membrane. If the filtered water production decreases over time, please replace the RO membrane and substitute 2nd stage Carbon Block filter with a PPH Anti-Scale Carbon filter, MPN: RC-FT-90, to prevent premature RO membrane failure due to hardness build-up.

Fifth Stage - AlcaPure Post Filter. MPN: RC-FT-87. Replace every 12 months or as needed. OnliPure Post Filter. MPN: RC-FT-OP. Replace as needed.