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U1 Space-Saving 4-in-1 Water Filter System

U1 Space-Saving 4-in-1 Water Filter System

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Water System
  • Enjoy purer water with peace of mind knowing that U1 removes up to 99% of all contaminants, including Fluoride, Chlorine, heavy metals like lead, and more
  • Variety of water options including cold filtered water, customizable instant hot filtered water, and filtered Negative ORP water with antioxidant properties
  • Keep track of your filtered water quality with U1’s intelligent touch control panel
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        Want an advanced water filter system?

        But don’t want to deal with messy hoses, leaky diverter valves, and clunky installation. Meet U1 by RKIN. It’s a sleek, zero-installation water filter that uses reverse osmosis, UV, and hydrogen technologies to transform ordinary tap water into pure, healthy, and delicious drinking water. It has an advanced filtration system that’s made up of five stages to give you the purest, most delicious drinking water imaginable, unlike other water filter systems on the market. Plus, you can choose your water’s temperature (hot or cold!), thanks to the temperature control system!

        U1 Water Syster Features Summary
        U1 Advanced Filter System

        We want you to have the best quality water in your home…

        That’s why U1 has an advanced filtration system with five stages. It removes up to 99% of all contaminants, including Fluoride, Chlorine, heavy metals like lead, and more.

        U1 overview of advanced filtration water filters

        Plus, U1 has an intelligent touch control panel, so you can easily see the status of your filter. It also has a UV Light that keeps water fresh when the system is not in use.

        • So, how does U1 Work?

        • U1 water filter fill water tank

          1. Fill the water tank.

        • Place the tank on the U1 water filter system

          2. Place the tank on the system and let it do all the work.

        • Select your water temperature and enjoy U1 alkaline water

          3. Once your water is ready, select your temperature (hot or cold), and enjoy.

        • U1 doesn’t require installation, so you can easily place it on your countertop - perfect for people who live in apartments, condos, and RVs.

        U1 alkaline water ionizer system turntable add on
        U1 water filter customizable temperature

        Customizable temperature

        Do you ever wish your water filter system had hot or cold water?

        U1 has a customizable default water temperature setting so that your water is always set to the temperature of your liking. Plus, there’s an instant hot water option that’s perfect for baby formula, tea, instant coffee, and more!

        The display will also show the Hydrogen content and water quality readings, so you’ll always know your system is working properly.

        Alkaline and antioxidant hydrogen-enriched water

        U1 includes a polishing Alkaline post-filter that returns beneficial minerals, calcium, and magnesium to purified water for the best taste.

        It also increases the alkalinity of the water to a perfectly balanced level of 7-8 pH, similar to spring water.

        Plus, U1's hydrogen-infused water delivers a negative ORP of 340.

        U1 2 year filter bundle

        2-year filter bundle

        If you opt to add our 2-year filter bundle to your order, you'll receive two annual replacement filter kits, two hydrogen PEM modules, and one reverse osmosis membrane.

        You'll get three years of use with this add-on!

        With U1

        You get an unconditional

        1-year satisfaction guarantee

        U1 vs Zero Installation Purifier

        U1 vs Zero Installation Purifier
        U1 alkaline water machine details
        U1 Ionizer Intelligent Touch Control Panel
        U1 alkaline water machine whats included

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Is U1 tested by a third party?

        What are the dimensions of the U1?

        9.5 Inches Wide, 17 Inches High, 19 Inches Deep, 26 lbs.

        Dimensions with turntable(optional, not included): Turntable base - 21" round, Height 18.5"

        How long does it take to heat water to boiling temperature?

        U1 uses instant-hot technology. Hot water is immediately available even at boiling temperatures, limited only by a total system max volume of ½ gallon.

        How long does it take to cool water, what is cold water volume, and can cold water temperature be adjusted?

        It takes about 15 minutes to cool 15 ounces of water at a time to 59F/15C. When the cold water button is pressed, U1 will display “COOL” once the water temperature has reached maximum cold or “PREP” if cooling is still in progress. No need to wait for the cooling process to complete; cold water can be dispensed at any time. Cold water temperature is not adjustable.

        Can the water cooler be turned off for energy-saving purposes?

        Yes, press and hold the “cold” water button for 5 seconds to turn off or turn the water cooler back on.

        What negative ORP(Oxidation-reduction potential) readings can I expect from U1 hydrogen-enriched water?

        During our internal testing, we got negative ORP readings from -330 to -347 on average. Individual results may vary.

        Can the hydrogen function be turned off?

        Yes, hydrogen production can be turned off or on with a press of a “hydrogen” button.

        How much filtered water does U1 hold?

        About ½ gallon of filtered water at a time. U1 filters ½ gallon of water in under 7 minutes. Twice as fast as Zero Installation Purifier. 

        What is the pure water to waste water ratio?

        1 Gallon of water is loaded into the system. U1 makes ½ gallon of pure water and another ½ of a gallon of wastewater with all the impurities in it. Since wastewater contains all the impurities, it’s NOT recommended for consumption. However, it can be used to water plants, rinse vegetables, etc.

        Does the wastewater mix with the intake water and is filtered over and over as it’s common with other systems?

        No, all the wastewater is deposited into a separate section of the supply tank and is no longer used for pure water production.

        How often do the filters need to be changed and how much do they cost?

        Please refer to the section below for all details on the replacement filters.

        How do I order replacement filters?

        If you sign up for our filter subscription program during checkout, the replacement filters will be delivered to you every 12 months automatically. Otherwise, replacement filters can be ordered on our website or over the phone.

        Does U1 use proprietary filters available only from RKIN and reseller partners?

        Yes, we designed our own filters to make filter changes as easy as possible with ¼ turn to remove and leak-free features.

        Does U1 remove the "XYZ" contaminant?

        3rd party tested for the reduction of TDS, Fluoride, Lead, PFOA/PFOS, Hexavalent Chromium, and Trivalent Chromium.

        U1 uses a multi-stage reverse osmosis technology. Reverse osmosis is one of the best ways to purify water when it comes to cost per gallon, speed, and purity of the water. Undersink reverse osmosis water filters have been around for decades and have been extensively studied by the scientific community.

        Because of U1’s unique design, preventing back-pressure within the RO membrane, it performs as well or better than most high-quality under-sink reverse osmosis systems.

        The second stage - Carbon Block pre-filter alone tackles a multitude of contaminants even before they get to the reverse osmosis membrane.

        But we understand that you may want to do your own research. So the fastest way to get an answer is to do an online search for "reverse osmosis removes XYZ" and review scientific papers. Replace "XYZ" with a contaminant of your choice. Or you can always contact our customer support here.

        Does U1 work with 220V electric outlets?

        No, the current version is suitable for 100V-120V electric outlets only - USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, etc. However, 3rd party 220V to 120V voltage converters can be used. Must be rated for 1500 W continuous power.

        Is it possible to switch to metric measuring units?

        U1 will only display imperial units for temperature - Fahrenheit and ounces for water volume.

        What if I have questions or need support?

        You can always call us at 1-800-803-4551 Monday through Friday, 9 AM-5 PM EST, or submit a request here.

        Consumables and replacement cartridges

        Your water quality may affect the longevity and replacement frequency of the filters.

        First and Second Stage Filtration - RKIN 2 in 1 Sediment and Carbon Filter QT Series. MPN: RC-QT-PAC. Replace every 6-12 months or as needed.

        Third Stage Purification - RKIN 200 GPD Encapsulated Reverse Osmosis Membrane QT Series. MPN: RC-QT-RO. Replace every 12-24 months or as needed.

        Fourth Stage Filtration - RKIN AlcaPure Alkaline Post Filter QT Series. MPN - RC-QT-CF, Replace every 6-12 months or as needed.

        Fifth Stage - RKIN U1 Hydrogen Module. MPN: RC-HGPEM, Replace every 6-12 months or as needed.

        Collapsible content


        For indoor non-commercial applications only:

        • Use room temperature water 20-26°C (68-78°F)
        • Ambient Temperature: 4-40°C (40-104°F)
        • Input Power: 100-120V 60Hz
        • Rated Power: 1500W
        • Rated Heating Power: 1400W

        Inlet water quality limits:

        • Max Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 800 mg/L
        • Max Hardness 25 gpg (428 mg/L)
        • Sulphide, Iron & Manganese <0.1 mg/L
        • Chlorine <4 ppm
        • pH 3-11
        • Turbidity 5 NTU Max

        Shipping & Delivery

        Free standard shipping within the contiguous United States(lower 48 states).

        Orders are usually shipped the same or the next business day and delivered within 2-5 business days. Subject to in-region item availability and seasonal carrier shipping performance.

        Order tracking numbers are emailed as soon as they become available. If you do not receive your tracking number within 24 business hours, please check your spam folder.

        Price Match Guarantee

        We work diligently to make sure that we offer the best prices for our products online. If you come across another retailer offering a lower price for our products than we are within 12 months of your purchase date, please let us know, and we will refund you the difference in price.

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        Warranty & Returns

        You get an unconditional 1-year satisfaction guarantee, which includes a warranty for the same period.

        Free shipping on warranty replacements. Learn more


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        Jonathan C.
        United States United States
        I recommend this product

        Love it!

        So far so good! The water coming out of this machine is super pure! I actually have some of the worst water in the country and this cleans it up so well it’s amazing! The extra features, hot, cold and hydrogen water are extra bonuses!

        Ricardo V.
        United States United States
        I recommend this product

        Good product could be excellent with some software updates

        Had the U1 for a couple weeks not and I am very easy with it , the water flavor is great, and being able to have temp settings including cold pleases all people in my household, it is a big appliance fortunately I do have the space in my counter for it and the turn table. With this being said, having the choice to use mL and C° would be amazing and easy to program, also just being able to push a button and get water instead of always using big cup and small cup would be good too .

        United States United States
        I recommend this product

        Great Customer Service

        I had a very helpful representative help me set up my machine. Her name was Grace.B. She did a great job explaining how the system works and walked me through the process.


        Hello Joann! Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with our RKIN Water System, and we are delighted to hear about the exceptional support provided by our representative, Grace.B. At RKIN, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and your feedback reinforces our dedication to delivering quality products and outstanding support. If you ever have further questions or require additional assistance, please feel free to reach out. We appreciate your trust in RKIN Water System, and we look forward to continuing to meet your expectations.

        Manny V.
        United States United States
        I recommend this product

        Great Product

        Works as advertised. Tested multiple times and verified TDS under 30, pH over 9 and hydrogen over 1300ppb. Highly recommend for anyone looking for an easy solution for clean hydrogenated alkaline water.


        Hello Manny! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your positive experience with the RKIN water system. We are delighted to hear that our product has met and even exceeded your expectations. Your thorough testing and verification of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), pH levels, and hydrogen content are truly appreciated. At RKIN, our commitment is to provide high-quality water systems that deliver on their promises, and we are thrilled to learn that our product has proven to be effective in providing clean, hydrogenated alkaline water for you. Your recommendation means a lot to us, and we are grateful for your trust in our water system. If you ever have any further questions or if there's anything else we can assist you with, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are dedicated to ensuring your continued satisfaction with our products and services. Thank you again for choosing RKIN, and we look forward to serving you in the future.

        Angel L.
        United States United States
        I recommend this product

        Refurbished RKIN U1

        Glad to have purchased this system. Being refurbished I wasn't sure in what condition it would be. Upon opening found the appliance a bit wet and filters pre installed so I wasn't sure if at least the filters were new. I reached out with a customer representative and she had explained they were indeed new. After going through the steps of rinsing the system. I was completely satisfied with how everything work for the exception of the waste water. There should be an easy drain spout and that water should be recycled through the system somehow. Suggestion is to include a syphon to drain the waste water or add a drain spout to the tank.


        Hi Angel! Thank you for sharing your experience with our RKIN Water System. We're delighted that you chose our refurbished system and that it met your expectations overall. We apologize for any confusion regarding the initial condition of the appliance and the filters. Rest assured, the filters provided were indeed new, as clarified by our customer representative. We're pleased to hear that the system's functionality met your satisfaction after the initial rinsing steps. Your feedback regarding the waste water disposal is valuable to us. We understand the importance of efficient waste water management. We are continually looking for ways to improve our systems and enhance user experience. Your suggestion for an easy drain spout or a method to recycle the waste water is noted and will be shared with our development team for consideration in future updates or models. Your feedback helps us serve you better, and we appreciate your valuable input. If you have any further suggestions or queries, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you for choosing RKIN Water Systems.